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Search Engine Optimization to get your Website Found

Without a properly optimized website, Google will not be able to find your  business online which means that when someone is searching for your products or services, your information will not be delivered to potential customers.

It would be like buying a commercial for TV, creating the commercial, and then forgetting to air it on any channels.  You do not want this.

Getting your website ranked higher on the search engines is an important part of your online strategy and although it takes time for the results to show, it is a must if you truly want to start generating leads from your online efforts.

Your SEO Program must have:

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The Right Keywords
Good Links
A Great User Experience

Your website content is being created, written, and designed for two different audiences:

  • Potential clients who are looking for you.

  • Google and other search engines who will rank your site and deliver you to your potential target market.

Effective SEO is all about knowing what keywords and phrases your target market is using to search for you and then having the search engine be able to find you and deliver you to those clients.

  • The way your website pages interact with each other is just as important as the way your visitors interact with them.

The more links going to and from all of the pages within your site, the more Google will identify each page as an important piece of information.

Smart linking is the practice of linking the right phrases to the right pages.

That way, Google identifies your site as one that knows what it’s talking about.

Would you do business with a company that’s difficult to communicate with or understand?

Of course not.

SEO works in the same way.

Google rewards websites that are easy to use with a high search ranking, and punish those that are hard to use.

Your website is built to last – and succeed – with a navigation system that enhances the customer experience.

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