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Measuring Results

Creating an Internet Marketing Plan that drives leads to your business is just the beginning. Knowing how that plan is performing is a very important part of the plan.

This is where Analytics and Measuring Results come into play.

Some of the Analytics we report on are:

Traffic - The more qualified people are who visit your site, the greater the chances are of converting them to paying clients.

Engagement - What are people doing when they visit your site? We need to know so we can make sure they are getting what they want.

Conversions - The goal of your site is to convert visitors to clients. We will track and report on all conversions.

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Why is Analytics Critical to your ROI?

Get More Leads

By looking at and measuring results related to goals of each of your web pages, we can continuously work towards improving those pages' results, thus generating more leads over the long run.

Continuous Improvement

We can track what may not be working on your website at all and then continually tweak until we see improvement.

It takes time to get traffic and track what they want and don't want; measuring the results will help you determine that.

Better Ranking

Google views active website as more valuable to the end user and will rank your higher than your competition that is just letting their website stagnate.

By continuously tracking results, making updates, your visitors will have a better experience and Google will keep your ranking higher in the Search Engines.

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